Why Your family needs Christ?

Vladimir Golikov"To start a new life Monday, need to stay alive until the Resurrection" (B. Croutier)In today's world, many people judge Christianity as something archaic, standing in one row with the primitive communal system and the ethnographic Museum of old Church utensils. Christianity, they believe, is something that is not related to a life of modern people. But it is not! The God in whom Christians believe, takes an active part in the fate of each of the believers, in circumstances that are associated with the lives of our families. The gospel says that, "Seeing the multitudes, He (Jesus. - V. Читать полностью -->

Between China and Ireland

VLADIMIR VOLKOV, a columnist of the magazine "Big Business":The message of President Medvedev to the Federal Assembly was another culmination of endless public debate on the topic of Russian modernisation project. Once again noting the low level of competitiveness of the domestic economy and listing its major flaws - sided structure that focuses on commodity exports, inefficient enterprises, poor infrastructure, extreme sluggishness of bureaucracy that prevent to get into the country to investors, " the head of state, in fact, did not say anything new.As little new sounded and Medvedev's statements regarding future plans for improving the business climate: a promise to abolish the state (hardly a conclusion about their inefficiency for someone was a surprise), to support agriculture, developers of new technologies, to return to the issue of reducing taxes and streamline government involvement in the economy.The last theme has always remained one of the cornerstones in the discussion of the concept of modernization, over the years have gravitated toward one of the opposing doctrines - liberalism or dirigisme. Accordingly changed and the role models of the domestic authorities of America for the reformers of the early 9s, on change which, in the current decade seems to have come from China.Amazing in that little: too great was the disappointment of a rather disastrous performance of the Russian liberals and as compelling charm huge success that China, whose economy even during the crisis, continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. So, a few days ago, Chinese authorities published the next portion of the data, according to which in October, industrial production in the country grew by 16.1% yoy, while retail sales - by 16.2%, the envy of the world.Recently, however, the Russian authorities seem to have begun to realize that repeat themselves Chinese great leap will fail, as they had not managed to move on Russian soil of the American liberal model. At least because for the modernization of Chinese in Russia simply does not have the necessary resources, it became obvious that with the beginning of the crisis, just a few months ate the lion's share of "bottomless" of reserves accumulated in the oil rents, which, in fact, until recently and was going to lift Russia from knees.On the contrary, the Chinese Central authorities still have sufficient tools and leverage that policy to direct the course of its modernization through state-owned banks to lend to state-owned companies and consumers, and to develop and pay for large infrastructure projects. Such as, say, the construction of high-speed rail system, one that this year China will spend about $ 5 billion, creating unprecedented demand for concrete, steel rebar, rails, raw materials and other materials.It is obvious that in Russia the repetition of such project is impossible as because of its huge cost (which for various reasons have to multiply it by a certain number of times), and many other reasons. Читать полностью -->

Pedophilia and celibacy

Pedophilia and celibacySummary an interview with Hans-Ludwig Creber, Director of the Institute of forensic psychiatry at the University of Berlin Independent, Ricardo Estarriol. Published on www.aceprensa. Tuesday March 23, 21Professor Hans-Ludwig Kroeber, atheist and Director of the Institute for forensic psychiatry at the University of Berlin Independent, is considered one of the best specialists in this field in Germany. Speaking of discussing in recent weeks, cases of sexual exploitation of children by priests and monks, he rejected the theory that the root of the problem allegedly hid in celibacy. According to him, the probability that a person living in celibacy, would do something like that, very small.Kroeber has been teaching and doing research in "CharitР№" - clinic, collaborating with Independent Berlin and Humboldti universities. It worked more than half of the German Nobel prize winners.His opinion is especially interesting because Kroeber, in his youth belonged to the Komsomol, publicly calls himself an unbeliever, although his research has received a high estimation of the Vatican Congregation for the doctrine of faith. Читать полностью -->


Mikhail CHERENKOV, KievRough missionary activities of Evangelical churches after the collapse of the USSR gradually gave way to a steady decline. The amplitude of oscillation even with the great evangelistic events has leveled off, almost extinguished. It's like a delayed shock therapy - scale stadium evangelism or transcontinental expedition can not return life and enthusiasm for the mission.What's going on? Where the expected results? Why with all the effort of churches and huge international investment proved to be mission impossible? It would seem that this question should be on all missionary conferences and in Christian media. However studiously ignore, afraid to admit made fatal mistakes, ruined projects, squandered funds, abandoned protracted. And still have to talk about it - not so much criticism's sake, but rather for reflection and lesson on bugs.We missed a chance to start right from missiology. Actually started with a mission who knew her. Читать полностью -->

Fare increases, metro empties

Varvara PetrenkoThe growth rate in Moscow is far ahead of inflation. At city hall say that Muscovites still pay less than 7% of the real costs of housing and utilities, and tariffs must be such as to encourage citizens to save. In 21, but losses in networks and policy liberalization of electricity prices Muscovites will have to pay for the social spending of the city hall, new metro stations and empty flights buses.Muscovites waiting for the next indexation of tariffs for transportation and utility services. Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov its decree approved the tariffs for housing and communal services in 21. Overall, compared to the current year, they increased by 26%. Heaviest from January 1, expensive water supply services and sanitation, the rate will rise by 27.8%. Читать полностью -->

The police, without sticks

This year the police will be required to submit income DeclarationMichael FalaleevTo the police Department began a major change. Perhaps by the end of this year the militia largely attain the appearance that it demanded from the President of Russia.What should be done and what is already being done to improve the quality and professionalism of the police service and - most importantly - to regain the trust of our citizens, said yesterday the senators and deputies of the state Duma, the Minister of internal Affairs of Russia Rashid Nurgaliev.Most importantly, the work of the police, as the Minister said, should evaluate the citizens themselves. Therefore, in one of his orders Rashid Nurgaliev declared the so-called "cane". The "score" will go open grave and especially grave crimes, including "resonance", crimes. And - the opinion of their law enforcement officers of local residents.In fact, the scheme of reform of the interior Ministry designated in the presidential Decree "About measures on perfection of activity of bodies of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation". Rashid Nurgaliyev said that in two years the number of militia would indeed be reduced by 2 percent, as the President demanded. Читать полностью -->

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